Join a diverse and energetic group of cemetery volunteers! We have many engaging, fun opportunities throughout the year where we guarantee that your time and talent will make a meaningful and lasting impact.

Why volunteer?

The Friends of Laurel Hill currently seek volunteers to assist with special events, archival research, administrative duties, and arboretum plantings.

  • It’s a great way to become involved with two of our area’s most unique sites.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to work in a beautiful historic setting.
  • You’ll learn interesting stories and facts about our city’s pasts.
  • You’ll meet new people, including staff, peers, and visitors.
  • You’ll have the chance to make a difference for two important historic landmarks.
  • You’ll gather a lifetime of interesting dinner conversation.

Involvement in organizations such as the Friends of Laurel Hill is the type of participation that has historically helped to build our nation, proving that America is a land of dedicated and concerned citizens. The rewards of civic engagement are not just personally gratifying, but ultimately result in better schools, safer communities, more productive economies, and more responsive governments.

Special Events &
Project Volunteers

By emailing your name to volunteers@laurelhillphl.com, you will be added to our email list where we send call-outs for volunteers for upcoming events, horticultural plantings, and special projects. 

With Us

Are you a student? Do you need to meet an internship requirement or have an independent study course? The Friends of Laurel Hill will accommodate interns as the need arises and will work with the student to design an internship that meets both the academic needs of the student and the organizational needs of The Friends. Complete the form below for internship opportunities.

Volunteer/Intern Application

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