Green Services

With our commitment to sustainability, our cemeteries and funeral home specialize in green services and have a variety of eco-friendly products to choose from.


Nature’s Sanctuary is our award-winning green burial area at Laurel Hill West. Establishing a powerful connection between people, nature and community, Nature’s Sanctuary is planted with indigenous grasses, trees, and shrubs and is currently maintained as a meadow transitioning into a successional forest. All graves are hand-dug for minimal environmental impact; no gas-powered equipment is used. Only biodegradable or environmentally friendly caskets, shrouds, and urns are allowed. Nature’s Sanctuary is a regenerative landscape that offers families a tranquil environment and connection to the earth.



Valley View Green, the first green burial area at Laurel Hill East, is a peaceful quarter-acre of tall grasses and shrubs framing sweeping views of the cemetery’s historic monuments and expansive landscape. Valley View Green was created using repurposed materials, including a portion of the original fence that once surrounded Laurel Hill East. Only biodegradable or environmentally friendly caskets, shrouds, and urns are permitted in this section.


Bala Green, the second green burial area at Laurel Hill West, is coming soon. This section will be approximately half an acre with views to Manayunk and will be planted with trees, shrubs, and an abundance of perennials. Similar to Nature’s Sanctuary, low monument walls of granite will hold the names of those buried there. A walking path with benches will hug the woody perimeter. Legacy Tree properties will be available and pre-sales will begin later this year.

If you would like to receive more information on this natural burial section, contact our Family Service Representatives.

Many Shades of Green

A guide to green burial & funeral practices

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Why Go Green?

The Beauties & Benefits of Green Burial

The Beauties & Benefits of Green Burial (March 2, 2023) on Vimeo.

Green burials are a way of reducing carbon footprints after death while still celebrating the life of a loved one. NBC10’s Matt Delucia has the story.