We take great pride in accommodating the needs of our Jewish families and the long-standing traditions and customs they hold dear. In keeping with the Jewish tradition, we also arrange for a Chevra Kadisha and Shomer for our families and burials can be held within 24 hours.

Makom Shalom
– A Place of Peace

In July 2022, we opened a three-acre section along our Belmont Avenue frontage to accommodate close to 900 graves for families of the Jewish faith.

This section was designed as a beautiful contemplative experience that knits tradition with natural beauty. Utilizing a series of garden-scaled, terraced landscape rooms to embrace an inward sensibility of remembrance, the design respects Jewish funeral customs and culture, while integrating effortlessly with the surrounding landscape of Laurel Hill West. Makom Shalom engages with the land to provide a naturalistic setting within three acres of gardenesque landscape. 

Chesed Shel Emet –
Truest Act of Kindness

Chesed Shel Emet, our first property dedicated to those of the Jewish faith, has two magnificent gated entrances displaying Jewish prayers cast in bronze. Granite urns holding visitation stones and granite basins with running water are located at each entrance. 

Currently, sales in this section have reached capacity.