Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Far too many acts of violence continue to highlight the injustices and inequities that exist in our country, particularly against Black, Indigenous, Asian Americans and People of Color.  Needless aggressions and senseless deaths remind us that acts of intolerance must be vigorously condemned. Our organization is deeply saddened by so many recent unconscionable events and pledges to do more to thwart systemic racism and ignorance that leads to unjust practices and policies.

We are blessed with a diverse staff and a team of people with many perspectives and experiences. That is what makes our organization strong. We pledge to ensure an inclusive and safe environment for all our employees, volunteers, vendors, community partners and the many audiences we serve. We have begun by adjusting and adopting new policies, meaningfully engaging with our neighbors, and conducting facilitated training sessions and discussions.

We are hopeful that by confronting our past and by demonstrating growing awareness and empathy, we can overcome what divides us and work to create change. As an organization, we provide solace and safety in times of grief and rage; we help bring comfort, clarity and hope in times of confusion. As our organization grows and strengthens its value as a civic institution, we reaffirm our commitment to help dismantle bigotry and racist practices, to heal longstanding mistrust, to drive positive change, and to continuously seek fairness and equality for everyone.