Property Options

With 265 acres of rolling hills adorned with a magnificent living collection of flowering trees, plants and shrubbery – Laurel Hill Cemeteries provide a perfect resting place of tranquility and comfort.


Community Mausoleums

Mausoleum of Peace

Mausoleum of Peace is an architectural stone beauty built in 1984.

Pines Terrace

Pines Terrace is a contemporary classic constructed of brick in 1990’s.

Scattering Gardens

Reflection Garden at laurel hill west

For families wishing to scatter their loved one’s cremated remains, we have a beautifully designed garden ideal for a ceremonial releasing service. Our Book of Life offers families a place of permanent memorialization for their loved one.

Scattering Garden at laurel hill east

A dignified alternative to ground burial, the Scattering Garden at Laurel Hill East offers breathtaking views overlooking the Schuylkill River.

For more information on cremation in our scattering gardens, click here.


Granite-front niches

The Mausoleum of Peace and Pines Terrace community mausoleums at Laurel Hill West offer beautiful granite-front niches.

interior glass-front niches

Inside our historic Chapel of Peace at Laurel Hill West, families have a choice of glass-front niches for the permanent resting place of their loved one’s cremated remains.

bench niches

Our granite niche benches in Telford Gardens are a unique way to memorialize your loved one. These benches are located in a special area of the cemetery with stunning landscape views and house cremated remains.

For more information on our niche options, click here.