Records Requests

The records at Laurel Hill Cemeteries serve as an important resource for those doing genealogical research. We are happy to assist you in finding more information for the completion of your family tree.

Records Requests

Researchers may use the link below to request copies of the records found at either Laurel Hill East (Philadelphia) or Laurel Hill West (Bala Cynwyd).

Records Requests may include, but are not limited to (if available):

  1. 1. Lot sketch indicating who is buried in the lot and where
  2. 2. A list of all lot occupants
  3. 3. Copies of all burial permits greater than 30 years old from the date the request was made*
  4. 4. Lot sale information, if the sale was made more than 30 years before the date the request was made*
  5. 5. A map of the cemetery with lot location indicated
  6. 6. Any additional items such as obituaries, personal histories, historic photos, etc.


*Due to personal/confidential information existing on these documents, such as current next-of-kin names and addresses- we are not able to provide requesters with copies of documents less than 30 years old from the date the request was made.

Records Request rates are as follows:

$30.00 per lot folder or envelope.

If your requested lot has more than one lot folder or envelope we will contact you for alternate pricing within a week.

If you are located out of the area or have interests in headstones or epitaphs, we can provide high-resolution photos of the lot for $2.50 per lot.

We will complete your research inquiry as soon as possible, but please be aware that assistance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders generally take four to five weeks to process.

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Proceeds from Records Requests go to offset online monthly maintenance fees for the interment records and towards general preservation of the archives.