PA Native Species Day Scavenger Hunt



The Arboretum at Laurel Hill

Explore our arboretum between Arbor Day (April 29th) and PA Native Species Day (May 18th) and be entered to win special horticulture-themed prizes including a tree of your own, a $50 Primex Gift Card, or a signed copy of Deer-Resistant Native Plants for the Northeast by our Senior Horticulturist, Gregg Tepper!


How to Enter


Get the Form

Print the form at home or pick up a physical copy of the PA Native Species Scavenger Hunt form at either Laurel Hill East’s main office or Laurel Hill West’s Funeral Home between April 29th and May 18th.

Hunt for the Trees

Fill out all of the tan boxes on the form with information about each tree by using the TreeKeeper app and snap 3-5 pictures to submit.

Access TreeKeeper here:

Or, scan the QR code on the form.

Submit Your Form and Pictures

Once your form is complete, take a picture and submit it with 3-5 of your tree images in one of these ways:


[1] Email them to with the subject “Scavenger Hunt” and include your Instagram handle or Facebook name.

[2] Send via Facebook or Instagram messenger to Laurel Hill’s Instagram or Facebook accounts (@LaurelHillPHL)

[3] Post 3-5 pictures of your tree findings on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #LaurelHillTreeHunt and/or tag @LaurelHillPHL on Instagram or Facebook.

(Send your form privately so you don’t give away answers!)

[*Note: social media profiles must be public to be entered.]


Complete submissions will be randomly selected and winners will be announced on PA Native Species Day on May 18th.

Happy Hunting!